Sponsor – Expo Proveedores del Restaurante

Why Sponsor?

Few are the occasions when such a select group of consumers gather in one single place. Sponsoring an event like Expo Proveedores del Restaurante will increase the prestige of your brand in the mind of the members of the industry.

You have different options for sponsoring according to your specific needs: Reminder during the year, visual and/or audio reinforcement during the event, etc.


Visitors Guide
Quick guide for visitors that will include floor plan and exhibitors list by category.

Exhibitors Directory
Your logo in different locations inside of the printed Directory, which will serve as a reference for the members of the Restaurant Industry of Northeast Mexico during the year following the event.

Static Publicity
Placement of signage/banners in strategic points of the location.

Audio Publicity (during the event)
Different packages of 20 second spots over the public address system during the event.

Publicity Outline
Placement of your brand logo in various forms of media (street ads, newspaper, television, radio, etc.). The publicity campaign for Expo Proveedores del Restaurante will cover all of Northeast Mexico.

For information about spaces and prices please write to: